Thompson | Severna Park High School Senior Ambassador | 2014

Ms. Thompson and I had the pleasure of working together for her senior portraits.  She is an avid horseback rider which allowed us to get some great shots at the barn she belongs to!  She is another one of our Severna Park High School senior portrait ambassadors for 2014.  She has a great offer on her rep card so if you are interested find her and hear about her session.   

One word to describe yourself........

How my friends would describe me......
Fun kind caring energetic

My extra-curricular activities (school and non-school related) include.....
Basketball manager horseback rider

Describe your style, what you like to wear..... 
Trendy, from the current fashion magazines

Something I cannot live without....... 
My mom

Favorite current band........ 
Lana del Rey

Favorite high school memory....... 
Being a basketball manager

My DREAM job....... 
Stay at home mom

What I will miss most about high school....... 


Crumling | Severna Park High School Ambassador | 2014

Ms. Crumling is another one of our 2013-2014 Severna Park High School Senior Ambassadors.  She was a blast to work with with her edgy style! She really knew how to step up her game to make the pose really work well with her personality.

One word to describe yourself........ 

How my friends would describe me...... 
Awkward and fun

My extra-curricular activities (school and non-school related) include..... 
Track and field

If I could choose one type of location for my senior session it would be..... 
Urban - like a grungy alley way

My style is..........
I change my style a lot, usually on my mood

Something I cannot live without....... 
Music, concerts, summer

Favorite current band........ 
All time low

Favorite high school memory....... 
Any night with my four best friends

My DREAM job....... 
Environmental scientist

Severna Park High School Graduation | 2013

This year Severna Park Seniors had the pleasure to graduate from the newly built arena at Towson University.  This year was the first year I actually felt like a part of me was graduating and moving on to bigger better things.  I am really proud of this class, specially the ones who I had a part of molding!  

Thanks guys for making another school year great!



Hahn | Severna Park High School Ambassador | 2014

Ms. Hahn is one of our 2013-2014 senior ambassadors for Severna Park HIgh School.  She will be handing out her rep cards to friends and family.  These cards get you some free stuff! If you know her, ask for one of her cards.  Book before Aug 1st and get 50% off your session fee and 8 free wallets!

She was a beautiful model with an excellent personality!  We had a great session in downtown Annapolis.


One word to describe yourself........ Smiley

How my friends would describe me...... I would hope that my friends would describe me as trustworthy and caring

My extra-curricular activities (school and non-school related) include..... 
United Methodist Youth Fellowship
Bible Study
Rock 'n' Roll Revival
Leadership Institute
SPHS Varsity Cheerleading

Describe your style, what you like to wear..... Trendy, from the current fashion magazines

Something I cannot live without....... My cell phone and my favorite blanket

Favorite current band........ Backstreet Boys (yes they're still around....I just celebrated their 20th anniversary and they're planning their next tour right now!)

Favorite high school memory....... Being a part of Rock 'n' Roll will always bring back to me the best memories!!

My DREAM job....... Anything that involves directly helping people.

What I will miss most about high school....... Rock 'n' Roll Revival

Severna Park Senior Portrait | Lukas

Lukas is a Severna Park senior getting ready to graduate and move on to bigger and better things.  He is part of the SPHS Project Lead the Way program.  Lukas has gone through the entire PLTW engineering pathway and will be moving on to further his engineering knowledge.  One thing during his session he liked and wanted was a very outdoor feel to some of the images. He is an eagle scout and will continue further with his knowledge he gained from that training and leadership.  It was a pleasure working with Lukas and his family!

High School Graduation - Severna Park High School - Towson University

Every year since I have started at Severna Park High School, I have been a part of the graduation at Towson University.  One because we are required as teachers to attend and help but they usually give the teachers a role of being at the end of a row seated with the students.  Some other teachers have different duties, so I asked if I could help out and shoot and give the photos to the school website and yearbook.  This was my second graduation and I really love it because all of the students are so happy to be done school and they are a lot of fun 

So I spend the morning winding the halls taking pictures of the students together getting ready and talking about their plans for the future.  I also catch the occasional teacher helping student who doesn't know how to tie a tie! (See below, haha)  These are the great memories that stand out in my mind.  Later I shoot the students entering and listening to all of the speeches.  Being valedictorian in our school does not come easy and it a huge race for many students.  It is not uncommon for our valedictorian to have at least a 4.85 GPA!!!   I do not focus on the students receiving their diplomas because another photography service owns that time and place on the stage.  I get a few just for capturing the moment for the school.  

After the event, families gather outside to take pictures and I usually get the "hey can you take this?"  I shoot it with my camera but am nice enough to shoot it with theirs as well.  I do get a few who buy my prints instead of just keeping theirs.  Thank You!  Lastly, every year I have the family, "wheres the memory card? Wheres the battery? YOU DIDNT BRING THE CAMERA!?!? &*#&^@!!!!"  Thats were I come in camera in hand with a smile on my face!