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Complete the following questionnaire for interest in the 2013 Geoff Bernstein Photography Ambassador Program. 

NOTE: Under NO circumstance will ANY of the information in this questionnaire be sold/given to any businesses/personnel outside of Geoff Bernstein Photography.

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Due to most juniors/seniors being under the age of 18, parent/guardian consent is required.
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Parent/Guardian Name
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The fine print.
This is not the contract, this is to show that you understand what would be required if picked as a GBP ambassador. (If your parents have any questions or concerns, please have them call me at 267-424-5644 and I'd be happy to answer any questions. They can also visit to see my work.)
As an ambassador for Geoff Bernstein Photography you will be expected to share your pictures from your session (copyright info may not be cropped out) on Facebook and to hand out your rep cards (provided and paid for by GBP) to all of your friends and acquaintances throughout the school year. Do you agree to this? *
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