Photography came upon Geoff by an old Nikon film camera which was his fathers. Loving technology, Geoff took the camera, began to teach himself and found his best artistic skill. Teaching himself throughout the few years he has been exposed to photography Geoff has made amazing photographs. In the summer of 2008 at the age of 22 Geoff started Geoff Bernstein Photography. Since then Geoff has become employed as a photographer for his college and also for some local newspapers. He continues his ambition for photography by bringing his customers wonderful artistic photographs. His services span many areas from portraits, landscapes, sports to automotive. Everything is within reason and everything will be perfect.

Photographer Geoff Bernstein was raised in Quakertown, Pa. He became very aware of his artistic ability in the early years of his childhood. He furthered his ability through private art classes, where he found his niche in art. During these years he followed his father and grandfather in seeing the outdoors as a peaceful image, this lead to a wonderful eye for photography. As life furthered Geoff took his artistic skills in a new direction, towards a technology artistic manor by going to college for architecture. Feeling away from his ability to express himself, he transferred to California University of Pennsylvania for Technology Education where he finished his teaching degree.

He currently works as a full time photographer and also a full time engineering teacher at Severna Park High School.  Being a teacher he has an amazing attention to detail and amazing communication skills.  This allow him to provide his customers amazing customer service.