Hahn | Severna Park High School Ambassador | 2014

Ms. Hahn is one of our 2013-2014 senior ambassadors for Severna Park HIgh School.  She will be handing out her rep cards to friends and family.  These cards get you some free stuff! If you know her, ask for one of her cards.  Book before Aug 1st and get 50% off your session fee and 8 free wallets!

She was a beautiful model with an excellent personality!  We had a great session in downtown Annapolis.


One word to describe yourself........ Smiley

How my friends would describe me...... I would hope that my friends would describe me as trustworthy and caring

My extra-curricular activities (school and non-school related) include..... 
United Methodist Youth Fellowship
Bible Study
Rock 'n' Roll Revival
Leadership Institute
SPHS Varsity Cheerleading

Describe your style, what you like to wear..... Trendy, from the current fashion magazines

Something I cannot live without....... My cell phone and my favorite blanket

Favorite current band........ Backstreet Boys (yes they're still around....I just celebrated their 20th anniversary and they're planning their next tour right now!)

Favorite high school memory....... Being a part of Rock 'n' Roll will always bring back to me the best memories!!

My DREAM job....... Anything that involves directly helping people.

What I will miss most about high school....... Rock 'n' Roll Revival