High School Graduation - Severna Park High School - Towson University

Every year since I have started at Severna Park High School, I have been a part of the graduation at Towson University.  One because we are required as teachers to attend and help but they usually give the teachers a role of being at the end of a row seated with the students.  Some other teachers have different duties, so I asked if I could help out and shoot and give the photos to the school website and yearbook.  This was my second graduation and I really love it because all of the students are so happy to be done school and they are a lot of fun 

So I spend the morning winding the halls taking pictures of the students together getting ready and talking about their plans for the future.  I also catch the occasional teacher helping student who doesn't know how to tie a tie! (See below, haha)  These are the great memories that stand out in my mind.  Later I shoot the students entering and listening to all of the speeches.  Being valedictorian in our school does not come easy and it a huge race for many students.  It is not uncommon for our valedictorian to have at least a 4.85 GPA!!!   I do not focus on the students receiving their diplomas because another photography service owns that time and place on the stage.  I get a few just for capturing the moment for the school.  

After the event, families gather outside to take pictures and I usually get the "hey can you take this?"  I shoot it with my camera but am nice enough to shoot it with theirs as well.  I do get a few who buy my prints instead of just keeping theirs.  Thank You!  Lastly, every year I have the family, "wheres the memory card? Wheres the battery? YOU DIDNT BRING THE CAMERA!?!? &*#&^@!!!!"  Thats were I come in camera in hand with a smile on my face!