Brenna & A.J. {married} | Pond View Farm | Wedding

Instagram: @geoffbernsteinphotography

Venue: Pond View Farm
Music/DJ/Band: D.J. Freez
Cosmetologist: Bridal Beauty Associates
Florist: Mobtown Floral
Bakery: Desserts by Rita
Dressmaker: Sarah Janks

Brenna & A.J. {married} | Maryland Wedding Photographer | White Hall Wedding | Pond View Farm Wedding | Geoff Bernstein Photography | Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Annapolis | Pond View Farm

Stephanie & Christopher {MARRIED} | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Whitehall Wedding | Pond View Farm Wedding

Instagram: @geoffbernsteinphotography

Wedding Coordinator: 
Venue: Pond View Farm
Music/DJ/Band: Crow entertainment
Cosmetologist: Christina Sanclemente
Florist: Harford Tech Highschool Floral Design - Dene Flack
Bakery: Katie Mansi - Cheeky Sweets
Officiant: Dr. Jason Lody
Dressmaker: Nicki Polyack

Stephanie & Christopher {married} | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Whitehall Wedding | Pond View Farm Wedding | Geoff Bernstein Photography | Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Annapolis | Pond View Farm

Jessica & Pat {MARRIED} || Charleston, SC

Talk about tying the knot between to athletic people, well Jessica & Pat are both amazing athletes.  Jessica was considered to be one the best tennis players in her age group and Pat was honored as an amazing wrestler throughout his entire school career.
Jessica & Pat were married on a beautiful day at the Boone Hall Plantation right outside of Charleston, SC.  The plantation is absolutely stunning and is completely set off by their avenue of the oaks. The couple tied the knot on the cotton dock right on the water.  Half of the guests traveled a great distance from Sweden! 

Congrats to the lovely couple and we wish you the best!


We were so excited to share the wedding of the newly married Joe & Brittany Pettus!

They decided to tie the knot at Pond View Farm in White Hall Maryland.  The day started and ended with amazing weather for those two on their special day.  The details Brittany and Joe created were just stunning and spot on with their feel and look of their wedding.  You will see some amazing craftsmanship and design throughout the images.   

At the start of this year I received contact from Brittany about her special day and I knew right away she was my client!  Her organization and attention to detail was spot on.  She came ready with questions about myself and my business.  She knew what she wanted in her vendors which always makes me happy!  Not only was she organized but the both of them were so down to earth and fun to work with leading up to the day and even more fun on their wedding day.  

Check out these amazing images of their special day!  Wait until you see their amazing venue! Not too often does a venue blow me away but WOW! what a place!

Congrats Brittany and Joe, we wish you guys the best!

Linganore Winery Wedding | Stasch | Frederick

Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty details. 

When they say opposites attract, it's for a reason. I'm outgoing, outspoken, and smart-mouthed. He's shy, soft-spoken, and straight to the point. We met in High School and in the typical fashion, never spoke to each other. We would pass each other in the halls everyday and stare but it wasn't until an afternoon of swimming at a mutual friend’s house in 2005 that we actually spoke. No more than a couple words and we were hooked. He asked me out in the famous "Do you wanna go out with me" text on July 8, 2005. We were 15 years old. We have been through some ups and downs and a few bumps in the road but we always find our way back to each other like we promised when we were 15. Eight years later we are stronger than ever and that shy boy who would stare at me in the halls is still the love of my life and he picked me to spend the rest of his life with! Life couldn't be any sweeter!!!

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?, etc. 

It's hard to know if the person you are with when you are 15 is going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with. We've had some ups and downs but Matthew was always the home I came back to when things got hard.

Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?) 

We decided to start looking for a house together in December 2011. After months and deals gone wrong, we finally found the house of our dreams in April 2012. During the home inspection, Matt had to work. I spent what seems like 80 hours walking through the house with a man telling me everything that was wrong with the house. Matt gets there right when we are finishing up and says he wants to walk around the house more. Of course I don’t want to since I have been through every inch of the house for the past 3 hours but we go. We make our way up to the room which is now our Master Bedroom and he wants to look at the hardwood that’s under the carpet. I’m a little aggravated since I’ve been there for hours and just want to go home. He tells me to wait while he’s on the floor pulling up the carpet. I stare out the window in our bedroom when he says “So you won’t move in unless you have a ring right?” I reply, “YEAH!!!” (in a joking yell), to which he replies “Well how about this one?” I turn around he’s on one knee with a beautiful vintage style ring. I start crying of course and he asks if I will marry him. He told me he had been carrying the ring around with him for a month waiting for the right time. I say YES and run and kiss him in our bedroom of our first house. Oh, and did I mention it was my birthday :) He’s a keeper.

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other. 

Matthew - I love her because she is the thunder to my summer storm. I feel like she gets me; all of me and loves me just the same. 

Amber - I love Matthew's acceptance. I think soul mates are people that are equally as crazy/weird as you are. I don't have to hide my weirdness or quirks around him because he accepts me whole heartedly and I do the same for him. No matter what crazy dream/goal I have, he stands by me 100% and tries to figure out a way for them to come true. He makes me a better person because I try to be as accepting as he is.


If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does. 

Matthew makes high pitch noises very randomly. These sounds are what break tension when we fight or get too serious. One of the many reasons why I love this man.

Besides getting married - what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day? 

Dancing!!! We love to dance so I'm assuming we will be on the dance floor all night long!

What’s your favorite trend for weddings right now? 

I love the vintage feel weddings have right now. I did this with my own wedding - All pale hues of pinks, antique whites and creams, and mint. I also love the antique books and mason jars for center pieces.

What inspired your décor or theme? 

Country Chic (As my mom would call it). Lots of anitque books, glasses, cake stands, pale hues of pinks and creams, and dalhias.

What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning? 

How much time it would take me to plan a wedding. We had been enaged for a year and a half before the wedding and I still feel like it wasn't enough time! But everything really worked out well!

Vendor List

Ceremony Location
Linganore Winery

Reception Location
Linagnore Winery

Justin White (Great vendor, amazing job at keeping the beat throughout the event - GBPhoto)

Maher's Florist

Dress Salon
David's Bridal

Hair Stylist
Melia White

Other Details/Vendors
Geoff Bernstein Photography did an AMAZING job!!! We loved them!!!


Thompson | Severna Park High School Senior Ambassador | 2014

Ms. Thompson and I had the pleasure of working together for her senior portraits.  She is an avid horseback rider which allowed us to get some great shots at the barn she belongs to!  She is another one of our Severna Park High School senior portrait ambassadors for 2014.  She has a great offer on her rep card so if you are interested find her and hear about her session.   

One word to describe yourself........

How my friends would describe me......
Fun kind caring energetic

My extra-curricular activities (school and non-school related) include.....
Basketball manager horseback rider

Describe your style, what you like to wear..... 
Trendy, from the current fashion magazines

Something I cannot live without....... 
My mom

Favorite current band........ 
Lana del Rey

Favorite high school memory....... 
Being a basketball manager

My DREAM job....... 
Stay at home mom

What I will miss most about high school.......