What is the Ambassador Program?

Senior Ambassadors for Geoff Bernstein Photography are our main and exclusive spokes-models (marketing reps).  It starts with your fun and unique on location modelling session and continues through your Senior year.

As an Ambassador, you will receive a portrait session. Your session will be shot on location and typically runs 2-3 hours. We'll work with you on posing and wardrobe selection to create truly amazing modelling images, we're sure you will love to show off!!

After your session, we'll meet with you to review your proofs. We'll choose an image for your Senior Ambassador modeling cards, which you'll receive free of charge in about two weeks. Your Senior Ambassador Cards are business card prints they include the stunning image we've chosen, Your name, and our studio information; these are yours to hand out to your friends and other Junior and Seniors. Additionally we'll tag you with studio branded (watermarked) photos on Facebook and create a timeline image for your own facebook!

Now is where you excel to help us, by telling all of your friends about how much fun and what your experience was like with Geoff Bernstein Photography. We want you to encourage them to choose Geoff Bernstein Photography for their Senior Portraits. BUT, our side of the deal isn't over yet; as you refer your friends; they'll let us know you referred them and/or turn in your Ambassador card for some free wallets. Each referral earns you stuff too!

How are Ambassadors Chosen?

Senior Ambassadors are chosen based your application, preference is given to referrals from prior year Ambassadors. Have we mentioned the club is exclusive? You get to recommend and help choose next years Ambassadors! Part of being an exclusive Senior Ambassador also means you're loyal to Geoff Bernstein Photography. We're helping each other out! Once selected you're required to agree not promote another studio, post images from another studio until after you graduate.

How do I start?

Fill out our application to tell us more about you. We are looking for out going and active individuals, who aren't shy and willing to brag about their session and our studio! In the application more expressive you are, the more we learn about you. Tell us WHY you want to be a Senior Ambassador. We don't decide Ambassadors based on your activities or clubs, this isn't a college entrance essay. We are just looking for someone outgoing and willing to work hard as our Senior Ambassador.

What are Senior Ambassador Cards?

They are your business or model cards. They have the image we chose during your model proofing session. The cards are business card prints with your image and our studio logo and contact information. We also include an offer for 4 free sheets of wallet prints when your friends have their Senior Portrait session with us. If they bring your card to their photo shoot, they get the free offer; and you're given credit for the referral!

How do I get more free stuff?

Your friends must mention your name when booking their session for you to get credit. This is made easier if they bring your card to their session. They'll get the free offer, you'll get credit (in case they forgot to mention you when booking)! Because we're working together, our studio never competes with its Senior Ambassadors! If a senior mentions another ad during booking but brings in your card, you get the credit. We will also give you credit if someone mentions you when booking another type of session (Family, Maternity, etc.) We know you're working hard for us and we want to reward hard work!!!

As you accumulate referrals, you earn FREE photo products and prints!

What you can earn:

5 referrals, Choose from one of the following AND 4 standard prints

  • An Iphone or Ipad photo case
  • A large metal art print (11x14 or smaller)

10 referrals, Choose

  • Your 5 referral item PLUS,
  • Get a FREE Senior Album! [a $375 value]

15 referrals, Choose

  • Your 5 & 10 referral goodies PLUS,
  • A $100 Visa or Amex Gift Card, OR
  • 16x24 Canvas wrap or standout

Every 5 referrals after 15 get another $100 Gift Card or a 16x24 Canvas wrap or standout, or $300 in studio print credit!


As a Senior Ambassador, you get:

  • A Free modeling session
  • 100 Senior Ambassador cards with your picture and our contact info.
  • Facebook timeline and profile picture branded with our studio logo

Your duties are to:

  • Hand out your Senior Ambassador cards to current Juniors and Seniors.
  • LIKE us on Facebook and refer your friends to like our page.
  • Use your Facebook timeline and profile pictures

How do I apply?

Fill out the application!