Virginia Beach Wedding - {Chrysler Museum of Art} Shahrum & Shirin

Since I have moved to Maryland the business has been on the back burner because Kylie and I were house hunting.  Once we found our house and got it I have had very limited time for the business.  I met Tammy Bauer who works with me at school and she gave my information to her husband Bill who is also a photographer.  We met up one night and really hit it off on our photography talk.  He asked me to shoot some weddings with him this year and since his push it has been what I needed to get back in to the business.  

Bill asked me to be a second shooter at his June 2 wedding in Virginia Beach a few weeks before the wedding and all he kept saying was "this is the one!"   I heard it but did not know what he was even talking about.  We drove down to Virginia Beach and as we are driving I ask, "so where is the wedding?"  I get a surprising response of Chrysler Museum of Art.  Just the named made me smile and think I think I know what he was talking about.  

We pull in and take our equipment upstairs to meet the bride.  When I met Shirin, I thought to myself, wow maybe he was talking about how beautiful the bride was and not the venue.  Throughout the morning the group was fantastic and the ladies were so much fun while getting ready.  

When we pulled up to the venue, I was nearly speechless.  This place was amazing along but with the other vendors setting up their lighting and DJ equipment the place was brought to an even higher standard.  Ok, so we have a beautiful bride and venue and in walks the groom, Shahrum, and the groomsmen who were just as great as the bridesmaids.  

I could ramble on and on but how about I just show you the days images.  What a great wedding, beautiful bride, handsome groom, amazing venue.  Congratulations to the bride and groom.  Thanks again to Bill with giving me the chance to second shoot this wonderful wedding.