Richboro Wedding | Hill | Philly Phanatic

I can say the Hill wedding was a first for me.  I can check off photographing a wedding with an appearance from the most iconic Philadelphia symbol for most people.  THE PHILLY PHANATIC!!  I booked the wedding through the brides mother and when she told me they were going to have the Philly Phanatic there I was totally in!  Their wedding was at the Northampton Valley County Club in Richboro, PA.  The day started out as an overcast gloomy day, we were all thinking if the ceremony was going to happen outside. We the skys let up, rain stopped and left all of the guests chairs soaked.  My partner and I can say this was another first, we scrambled with the waitresses to help wipe down all of the chairs to make their special day happen just as planned.  

Tonya and Marcus were in for a real surprise with the Philly Phanatic showed up to pay a welcome to the newlywed couple.  Those 30 minutes he was there was the craziest 30 mins I have ever experienced at a wedding.  People dancing, singing, getting pictures taken was absolutely crazy! BUT FUN!

Congratulations Marcus & Tonya!