Talbot County Optimist Club - Awards Banquet - Easton, MD

This is the time of year that the Optimist club absolutely loves, the awards banquet. This is the event that we pass out our checks to each youth group.  During this event we invite the representative from the group and have dinner and talk about what we did this year.  Then the fun begins, when we actually get to pass out their checks that will help them push further during the year.  All of the groups have great things to say but some really go above and beyond to give us praise by telling us what special they are doing this year.  

One part that really set in was when we had everyone recite the pledge of allegiance.  To me this is normal because I say it everyday in school and we also recite it at all of our meetings.  When we gave our check to the Bayhawks Baseball Association, the father (show below in orange) started to cry as he expressed that his son is in Iraq and it really makes him feel great that people support his son.