Golden Sands OCMD || Berwind Wedding

When the opportunity to photograph an Ocean City Maryland wedding who can't say YES!  When I met Anna and Chris I could see their excitement for their special day.  Once they told me about the details it just kept getting better!  
The wedding took place in The Golden Sands Club Condominium right on the beach.  The couple was hoping for a sunny beach day but mother nature decided she would make herself known that day.  It decided to rain most of the day (it also rained on my wedding day as well, I think its good luck) but mother nature thought she would allow us to get the formals and some creative shots.

The venue was great about keeping everyone up to date and working with the bride and groom about their decisions.  The ceremony was held upstairs (I believe 23 stories up!) and I really enjoyed that room because of the beautiful window ceiling above.  

This club was special to Chris because his parents own a beach home across the street.  He spent much time at the club and I can see why they wanted to be married there as well!

I mentioned the ceiling earlier, as you can see it was just stunning.  Mother nature might have rained but she also keep the sky cloudy to keep that ceiling perfect for the images! (Photographers don't really like direct sun light, it too HARSH so we like a cloudy sky)

During the reception we were guided by Steve Moody from Steve Moody's Entertainment Connection. Steve and his team was absolutely amazing during the reception, not only was he a great MC but they kept the dance floor filled throughout the night.  One huge thing they did for us was kept the guests reminded of our Photo Booth which was in the next room. 

Anna's father surprised us all with his speech and "Celebrate Good Times, Come On" dance.  He was going through his speech and planned it with the DJ to cue the song when he said that sentence.  Not only did he just sing it but that man sure has some moves!

Mother nature decided to help us out one more time with a beautiful sunset for an amazing kiss portrait for the newly-wed couple.  

As you can see the party continued until closing time!  I think that reception was one of the few where there were very few people sitting watching the party.  Both families kept dancing the night away and had a blast! Again let me give a shout out to Steve Moody from Steve Moody's Entertainment Connection for the amazing lighting for the reception.

We wish Anna and Chris a healthy and happy lifetime together!

Thanks guys we had a blast!