Below is your standard album information with available options below.

Album Type - Capri
Album Size - 10"x10" 
Album Page Count - 30 pages
Cover Material -  You choose from Cover Materials

Options (all options can be seen here) ONLY APPLY TO ROMA SERIES ALBUMS

TooTones! - $60 (most favorite/upgraded option)
3 Tones! - $120
Combining two colors or adding texture can create a completely custom and inspired look for your album covers.

Cut-outs & Indentations $30 (each)
Put a preview of your album right on the front cover

ICE - $150
ICE is a front cover panel with a metallic print bonded to the underside of a piece of sturdy, clear acrylic with beautifully beveled edges.

Armour - $150
Armour is a metallic print emulsion that has been adhered to a metal panel. It is tough, durable and positively delightful. It’s extra thick to prevent dings and dents and finished with a protective coating for a scratch-free, long-lasting permanence. Armour covers look best with black & white, monochromatic, sepia and muted tone images.

Canvas - $150
Our full wrap & canvas panels are printed on durable canvas in a variety of finishes.

Erotika - $200
Erotika is an ink on metal cover upgrade option. It differs from the Armour cover in that there is a distinctive laid down ink feel where the high key areas are blown out to reveal the sexy, lightly brushed, metal sheen beneath, adding a whole new tactile sensation to this totally tempting cover.

Bullet -$150
Bullet is a smooth metal panel option for the front cover

Serenity - $150
Serenity is specialty cover that has a white textured laminate which has been mounted to a base cover with your choice of cover material

Available Cover Materials & Options

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