Page Thickness Difference

Roma and Signature Series albums are created using a much thicker quality page as seen the images below.

Roma Series & Signature Series Album page thickness

Capri Series Album page thickness (thin card stock like thickness)

Page Design Examples

Notice the difference is pages design between the lower and upper levels of albums.  The lower is more of plain shape images on a standard background.  The Roma and Signature Series have an element of design which is much higher than the Capri album.

Roma and Signature Series Page Design Examples

Capri Series Page Design Examples

Album Materials

Non-Leather Materials

 ALl albums Series

Leather Materials

Roma and Signature Series Albums ONLY

Non-Leather Material

Leather Material (Roma and Signature Series Albums ONLY)

Signature Album Sizing Table

Size Table.png

Multiple Colors (TONES!) & Cut-outs


Combining two colors or adding texture can create a completely custom and inspired look for your album covers.

TooTones! (any 2 material combinations) - $60

3Tones! (any 3 materials- select cover designs only) - $120

plusTone! - $150

plusTone! is not really a Tone! per se, but it does have a few rules. If a plusONE material is used as an accent strip, there is no material upgrade charge, just the charge for the stripe. If a plusONE material is used for anything other than a stripe, a material upgrade charge will apply.

Cut-outs & Indentations

Cut-outs - $30 (each)

A window is but from the cover material and prints are slipped underneath. This is not a window to the first page.

Indentations - $30 (each)

The cover material is pressed (about 1/32" deep) and an image is mounted into the indentation with double sided adhesive.

Specialty Covers

ICE - $150

ICE is a front cover panel with a metallic print bonded to the underside of a piece of sturdy, clear acrylic with beautifully beveled edges. It differs from the Magical Mystery Glass where the print is mounted to the first base page and viewed through the acrylic panel.

ARMOUR - $150

Armour is a metallic print emulsion that has been adhered to a metal panel. It is tough, durable and positively delightful. It’s extra thick to prevent dings and dents and finished with a protective coating for a scratch-free, long-lasting permanence. Armour covers look best with black & white, monochromatic, sepia and muted tone images. 

CANVAS - $150

Full wrap canvas covers

Canvas covers are full photo wrap covers and are the most customizable cover upgrade option for the Finao ONE. You may notice a slight milky, opaque quality when you use large areas of black or other dark colors in your design. This is caused by the laminate used to protect the cover. This slight opaque quality is less noticeable in cover designs that use lighter base colors.

Canvas panels

Canvas panels are made of the same quality canvas as the full wrap, but are simply on the front cover panel with your choice of any standard material for the spine and back.



Muted and murky or dark and bronzy, put a little mystery into your cover image, and give 'em just enough to make 'em want to take a look inside to see what's really there. A truly magical look in a non-breakable plexiglas.


EROTIKA - $200

Erotika is an ink on metal cover upgrade option. It differs from the Armour cover in that there is a distinctive laid down ink feel where the high key areas are blown out to reveal the sexy, lightly brushed, metal sheen beneath, adding a whole new tactile sensation to this totally tempting cover. NOTE: Extra care should be taken to avoid scratches as there is no protective coating on these covers.

Erotika covers can work with either black & white or color images but look best with images that exhibit a wide variety of tonal values since the high end will get dropped out to reveal the metal beneath.


BULLET - $150

Bullet is a smooth metal panel option for the front cover of Finao ONE and artONE albums. Paired with your choice of any standard material, Bullet creates a stunningly sleek look.


Etching is an available option on our Bullet cover. Choose from the available fonts & sizes.



Serenity is specialty cover that has a white textured laminate which has been mounted to a base cover with your choice of cover material