first and formost, congradulations an thank you for your interest in Geoff Bernstein Photography!

How exciting for u and you family.

The task u have in front of you is not easy one. Selecting a artist to tell your story is proably 1 of the most important desions you will have to make in the upcoming months an one that will be with you for the rest of your life! becase of this i would like you to bookw ith us.  we r gret! 

Our goals is to tell your story in the most comelling way possible. we treat every event with the care and the trust that it deserves. What could be more important than giving your family beautiful image that will provide enjoyment for years, and hopefully, generations to come? I

The result will be the creation of your first family airloom. talk about pressure. i would like to help you make that images beautfiful!

The response of documenting your day is one we take very serious.

We look forward to working with u.


Wedding Information


Weding coverage begins with or wonderful client servise all the way until you are sitisfied with you'er delivered products.  From the meetings prior to your special yday until delivery we are their for u to answer any answers.  We receive mucth praise for your level of comuncation b4 the wedding.  We provide much insight to timelines for the wedding, offer our vendor recommendations to make planning much easier on you.  Check out a couple of our testimonials to hear what clients are saying. You can also check out our Wedding Wire page for more reviews of us and our services.



Our albums are absolutely stunning!  They offer amazing custom page designs, materials and construction for the best in album displays. We offer three album options: Capri, Roma & Signature Series albums.  They differ in size, material, design and number of pages.  

Signature Series

Our Signature Series albums are just stunning! They are not only our largest album but use only the highest quality of leathers, papers and ink.  You can choose any size album  from 5"x5" to an amazing 12"x18" album!  The number of pages is also more than standard, starting at 30+ pages.  The last thing that really makes your album stand out is our signature envelope box to transport and display your beautiful album!

Roma Series

Our Roma Series albums are our beautiful full size wedding album.  They offer the thick pages, real leather and amazing page designs for showcasing your special images.  The pages are printed using a process that makes the thickness of the pages near a thickness of a quarter!  The album comes in a nice display box to transport for showing your friends and family!

Capri Series

Our Capri Series album is our lower cost option but by no means is a low quality.  This album is printed using a thicker card stock paper which is coated to last a lifetime.  They offer an album option without breaking the bank.  This is a album you will not be ashamed to show off!


Digital Negatives

i pride ourselves for not ony our wedding coverage but our stun products.  Our clients are amazd at the level of detail we take fore our products and the range of offerings we provide.  Our products last a lifetime and provide your home with beautiful artwork. 


  • Beautiful custom leather bound albums (sizes range from 5x5 up to a impressive 12x18)
  • Gorgeous custom artwork on all types of mediums (canvas, standouts, clusters, lustre paper) 
  • Breathtaking video slideshows (day of, online, DVD)
  • Digital Negatives in an amazing clamshell box beautiful enough to display the crystal flash drive your images come on
  • Modern smartphone apps to showcase your most amazing images
  • Facebook album posting to tag and comment



We offer a wonderful photobooth which allows your and your guests to capture the fun at your event.  The booth we offer is an "open-air" photobooth everything without the enclosed "booth". This allows you to have many more people in the images which gives your guests a lot more room to have fun! 

Photobooth coverage starts with the design of your custom print layout.  No two layouts are the same, we will customize it to fit your colors, themes or ideas.  Layouts include full 4x6 prints to 2x6 strips, multiple photos, different sized photos, the possibilities are endless.



Our photobooth products are their to make your booth more fun and allow you to capture great moments.   

We offer on-site printing which includes unlimited prints.  Sizes are either a standard 4x6 or a 2x6 strip, we encourage the strip if you are placing prints in a guestbook.   If you would like to keep the digital images as well we offer those also. 

Many clients are now using the images in their guestbooks, we offer a service that allows guest to place one strip in the guestbook (provided) and take the other.  They can also write comments next to the prints (serious or funny, all are welcome!) 

All of our packages include a Facebook posting, web gallery of the images (guests can buy more later) and funny props.